Ion modal and StatusBar iOS color management with Capacitor 4 and Ionic 6.2

Since the migration to Capacitor 4 and Ionic 6.2 I have a change of behavior on iOS with the StatusBar plugin. Opening a modal (sheet) changes the StatusBar color and when closing the modal the StatusBar color is forced to the default theme of the device. I have to manually manage the StatusBar color each time I close a modal so that it goes back to the previously defined color. I didn’t have this behavior with modals before the migration, is it normal?

This was added in Ionic 6.1.10 and at the moment this is the default behaviour, read here: fix(modal): status bar color now correct with sheet modal by liamdebeasi · Pull Request #25424 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub

Indeed, thanks for the clarification and the link of the subject. This should almost be noted as a bug because when closing the modal the StatusBar should logically return to the color it had before opening.