After helping out on a post yesterday, I threw together a simple little directive inspired by materials designs text fields.
Its available through bower as well.

$ bower install ion-md-input -S

Hack it, have some fun. Room for improvements, so PRs and Issues are always welcomed.


Great effort , Thanks it helped me a lot, but how about multi-line text input like text area :smile:

Wasn’t what I had initially intended, but I can see what I can do. Could you open an issue for this?

i have opened an issue for it

bower install ion-md-input -S Fails with following error :

Additional error details:
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository ‘’ not found

Where can I find the relevant repo ?

How would you solve the issue of giving ng-model with already set value?

sort of this:

See the Pen NqYbQq

Thanks in advance!!

Not sure I follow, what do you mean?

Hey I was making a app using ion-md-input and found out this happening. So i posted a question on SO i asked this. could you answer it?

how about 2 ion md inputs with same ng model? how can I auto focus the other one if the 1st input has data already?? Just like this scenario

I’m no long maintaining that repo/bower packer. Please fork and fix yourself.