Ion-list's option buttons is not working #bug


ion-list’s option button is not working both in my case and the documentation’s result screen itself is not working. However It is working on but not in the documentation result screen. It is also working on my mobile browsers but not working on both Google Crome and Firefox in desktop.

PS: I am on windows using latest crome and firefox.


Just figured out that it was working on 1.0.0-beta.4 but not working on current version of ionic. Please fix the issue.


Just tried this with the nightly builds and all is well. Please try that and let me know


Its worked with nightly build :smile: but is there there any specific reasons for building two different builds (v1.0.0-beta.5b “cadmium-camel” and nightly). Why nightly builds is not available to download in home screen of ?


You actually can, if you git clone the repo and just keep it up to date :smile:

Beta 6 is coming out today so have no fear