Ion-list moves my other iom things + pic

my list moves my other things when opens from search bar (look at pic).
how do i make it not to move it? like to open above the other stuff.

Hi,this is just an SCSS issue (Cascading Style Sheet).
Make sure your list and other elements cannot overlap the nav bar at top with simple fixes (padding, margin so on).
If this only happen on some devices, you can create specific style sheets for Android, iOs, Windows and call them (conditionnaly) when your app launches.

Not to mention, Ionic serve in browser, doesn’t show the full, “real” ui, you have to use ionic run on a connected device to really see an accurate preview (or Ionic View app).

Hope it helps,

thanks for the comment.
tried: z-index but not working.
any idea? thanks

try giving your list

position : absolute
position : fixed

it shouldn’t affect other elements …
but you’ll need some positioning

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