Ion-list item ion-option-buttion problem......i have issue with trasparent background of list when i swap the list it will look very durty the way option button is i want the solution for that

below is my code…

<ion-list ng-repeat="notification in NotificationsData" >
        <ion-item ng-class="{schactive:notification.clienttripratenotifyread}" ng-click="rateRide(notification)">
            <i><img src="images/calendaricon.png" alt="" title="" /></i>
            <div class="schedtl">
                <h1>Please rate your KEY</h1>
                <p>Dont forgot to rate your KEY from {{notification.endtimeformated}}</p>
            <ion-option-button class="button-assertive" ng-if="!notification.clienttripratenotifyread" ng-click="markAsRead(notification)" >
                Mark as<br>
            <ion-option-button class="button-calm" ng-click="deleteNotification(notification)">

i want the solution please it urgent.
Thank youimage