Ion-item-divider does not work for all devices


We are using ion-item-group , ion-item-divider and ion-item-sliding for grouping the data under the header and sliding the content under the header.
Using this we want to achieve that the Header Name should remain in view untill its content is in the view while scrolling. Once the content of the header is out of the view then the Header Name should get pushed up out of the view and the next Header Name should get on to that position.

The changes we have done gets applicable and runs smoothly for Samsung Mobile with Android version 7.0 but the same does not gets reflected for Honor 8 mobile with the same Android version ( i.e. 7.0).

Anyone has any idea about why the same piece of code works for one mobile and does not work for other ( With the same version of Android ).

Or is there any special handling needs to be done for this ?