Ion-item actions icon resizing issue


I am running Beta 11.

My ion-item looks like this:

  <ion-card *ngFor="let site of _sites" >
    <button ion-item (click)="goToNextPage(site)">
      <ion-icon name="home" item-left></ion-icon>
      {{ }}
    <ion-item actions>
      <button clear item-left (click)="editSite(site)">
        <ion-icon name="create"></ion-icon>
      <button clear item-right danger (click)="deleteSite(site)">
        <ion-icon name="trash"></ion-icon>

In that view, I have other buttons to show modals. I open one and when closing it, the ion-icon get a little bigger and then come back to initial size.

Not a really big deal, but just wondering why?


maybe you are using before and after in css?

Hi @anicacute09,

Not sure to understand your question. What do you mean by “before” and “after” in my css? I am not a css expert, so I doubt I did something funny in my css. Also, it was working good with beta 9.


ah ok, I think you are fetching some css or js over the internet. Do you save all the js and css in you app local file?

Everything is local. Not sure to understand what you are looking for. You think there is something that is called from outside?

my index.html calls all the files needed from /build directory.