Ion-input touch not working while loading the application in android 9

Hii guys,

i am using one login screen which contains two input fields .when coming to android 7,8 the touch is working fine.while coming to android 9 ,the touch on input is not generating any event ,and keyboard is not coming up.if , i am touching outside on screen anywhere first,then touching the input .it’s working fine .so, if anybody has faced this issue and solved.please suggest or any help will be appreciated.

thanking you,
Subodh kumar Rai

Hey @Subodh18,
I’ve got the exact same problem as you are describing it here.

Did you manage to solve the problem?
I would be interested in a quick tip / solution.

Thank you very much,

yes dear ,

i have used normal html input tag and have made them responsive.
instead of .