Ion-infinite-scroll with angular limitTo

I can’t seem to get this code to work, although I think I know the problem. It seems by increasing my limitTo amount it doesn’t increase the size of my scroll box and thus won’t allow me to view my content. Any suggestions or ideas on how to fix it? Here is my code below.

angular.module(‘va_disability.ecfr’, [])

.controller('EcfrCtrl', ['$scope', '$state', '$http', 'ecfrService', function EcfrCtrl($scope, $state, $http, ecfrService) {

    $scope.items = [];
    $scope.ecfr = {};

    if($scope.items.length <= 0 ) {
        $scope.items = ecfrService.documentList;
    $scope.ecfr.totalToDisplay = 10;

    $scope.loadMore = function () {
        $scope.ecfr.totalToDisplay += 10;
    $scope.$on('$ionicView.afterEnter', function(){
        $scope.vanav.hidesubheader = 'add-height';

    $scope.$on('$ionicView.beforeLeave', function(){
        $scope.vanav.hidesubheader = 'hide-sub-header';

    <div id="ecfr-content" class="list card" style="margin-top:10px;">
        <div ng-repeat="item in items | filter:vanav.filters | limitTo:ecfr.totalToDisplay"
            class="item item-text-wrap">
            <div ng-bind-html="item.blurb"></div>
            <br />
            <div ng-bind-html="item.tables"></div>
        <ion-infinite-scroll distance="2%"

Try using $ionicScrollDelegate.resize() in your loadMore function.

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You are always coming to my rescue. That worked like a charm, thank you!

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I noticed there is a bit of delay until the results are loaded and the scroll actually re-sizes without any indicator. Is there a way that I can get the loading indicator to show up until this actually takes place?

Is the indicator showing up at all? I know there have been reported issues of it not showing. It doesn’t show up at all in my app.

No currently it’s not showing up at all in my application.