Ion footer overwrites previous footer for a second

Whenever I press back button to my login page, the page’s footer I’m coming back from overwrites for a second the login page footer. See, I pressed back button:

after a few seconds, login page footer shows up:

here’s login page footer code and css:

<ion-footer class="login-footer">
        <ion-col class="footer-links">
            <ion-text [routerLink]="['/register']" class="ion-float-start register clickable">Cadastre-se</ion-text>
            <ion-text [routerLink]="['/recovery-password']" class="ion-float-end forgot-pass clickable">Esqueceu a


ion-footer {
  background: linear-gradient(88.45deg, #FF9009 -18.14%, #FFC700 165.33%);

  &.footer-md::before {
    background-image: none;

.login-footer {
  height: 5vh;

Anyone can help me figure out what’s going on?