Ion-footer goes on top of keyboard

I’m facing this problem and I have tried a lot of solution to solve it. But I cannot fix this issue.
When I use the web app on Google browser with my phone, the footer is showing up of keyboard.
Is anyone have a solution ?



<form [formGroup]="formGroupLogin" (ngSubmit)="signIn()">
      <ion-col size-sm="6" offset-sm="3" size-md="4" offset-md="4">
        <ion-img src="../../assets/rinaldi-logoSVG.svg" style="height: 110px; margin-top: 60px"></ion-img>
        <div style="display: grid; align-items: center; justify-content: center;">
          <h3 id="title-login">Area Riservata</h3>
    <ion-row style="display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center;">
      <ion-col size-md ="4">
          <ion-label position="floating" style="font-family: Gilmer Medium">Email</ion-label>
          <ion-input type="email" email formControlName="Username"></ion-input>
        <span class="error ion-padding" *ngIf="isSubmitted && errorForm.Username.errors?.required">
          Email campo obbligatorio
        <span class="error ion-padding" *ngIf="isSubmitted && errorForm.Username.errors?.email">
          Formato e-mail errato 
          <ion-label position="floating" style="font-family: Gilmer Medium">Password</ion-label>
          <ion-input type="password" formControlName="Password"></ion-input> 
        <span class="error ion-padding" *ngIf="isSubmitted && errorForm.Password.errors?.required">
          Password campo obbligatorio
        <div style="padding-top: 30px">
          <ion-button expand="block" type ="submit" style="--border-radius: 20px; --background: #192437; font-family: Gilmer Medium" >Login</ion-button>

        <div style="display: grid; justify-content: center; align-items: center; text-align: center;">
          <a routerLink="/recover-password" style="cursor: pointer; padding-top:10px; font-family: Gilmer Medium">Password dimenticata?</a>
          <p style="font-family: Gilmer Medium">Non sei ancora registrato?</p>
          <a routerLink="/registrazione" style="cursor: pointer; font-family: Gilmer Medium">Registrati</a>

<!-- FOOTER -->
<ion-footer class="ion-no-border" style="display: grid; place-content: center;">
  <ion-toolbar class="ion-text-center">
    <ion-label class="ion-text-wrap" style="font-size: small; font-family: Gilmer Medium;">©2021 Rinaldi Superforni–Tutti i diritti riservati–
      P.IVA 00523850451</ion-label>