Ion-datetime picker optClick event not triggered in android

I have a problem with the picker that opened after clicking my element.
when clicking one of the days/months/years the clicked item not being selected.
with android user agent it’s not working but with chrome user agent and ios user agent it’s working fine.
tried it on iphone 7 and the browser in desktop mode and it worked perfect.
I’m using ionic 2.0.0-rc.4
any suggestions on what could be the cause to this problem??

You should update to a more current version of Ionic, there were several fixed to ion-datetime.

Could you also again describe your actual problem?

I develop in chrome in mobile mode.
When I open the picker (see attached file) I have three columns “year | month | day”.
Let say that the selected item is 08/04/1987 and i want to select 11/04/1987 (replace the day to the 11th).
To replace the day I click the wanted day (not scrolling to that day but clicking it) and nothing happen, the click event not getting fired.
I test it on android phones (lg g3, samsung galaxy note 5, samsung galaxy s7) and it didn’t work.
When switching chrome to desktop mode the click event on the wanted day gets fired.
Tried it on iphone 7 and it worked.
I think that when the user agent is other than android than the click event is getting fired.
From what i’ve seen the function name that should get called is “optClick”.