Ion-datetime not working on Samsung devices with accessibility settings enabled

Hello everyone, I’ve implemented the ionic-datepicker component and while this is working on most devices, a client with an older device took this photo of the datepicker, showing only dots. Is there anything I can do about this?

With kind regards, Nathan

Exactly which phone model is it?

We have a slow customer feedback loop at the moment, in one of the cases, it is happening on a Samsung galaxy a7, the 2018 model, running android 10. Not so small this time.

Hi, I am also facing the same issue as one of our client is just showing up the dots while selecting hours and minute in ion-datetime. The client has note 10 plus device and when i tested it on simulator with same configuration same as note 10 plus, it was working fine.Need help, kindly suggest what to do.

Rashmi Yadav.

Thanks for your reply.
So far I’ve been able to figure out the following this:

  • It only happens on Samsung devices (you won’t be able to simulate this on a regular
  • That Samsung device needs to have accesibilty settings enabled (zoom and font size)
  • Ignoring Android zoom doesn’t fix this problem.

I opened a GitHub issue already but know they need me to make a reproducible demo and I don’t have the time for that now. Will do it asap.

Ive updated the Github issue with a reproducible sample.

Using the plugin to disable scroll zoom preferences works apparently. Might not be the ideal case for everyone.