Ion-datetime is slow on android device

here 's the code

    <ion-datetime displayFormat="DD/MMMM/YYYY, HH:mm" [(ngModel)]="start" cancelText="Annuler" doneText="Ok"></ion-datetime>

Define “slow”, please.
On what device?
Are other apps with similar inputs faster?

Hi thanks for replying.
When I start choosing the date it’s moving really slow.
My device is samsung s3 AT&T.
I’m talking about this component

This device is >5 years old. I think it is expected to be quite slow :confused:
What Android version are you running on it?

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You’re right. I tested the application in Samsung A3 (2014) and it works just fine !
So I did some research about what causes this problem.
The Samsung s3 is dual core while the Samsung A3(2014) is quad-core.

I use DatePicker
with a click event in a view and show with a variabel

click() {

        let options: DatePickerOptions = {
            date: new Date(),
            mode: 'date',
            androidTheme: 5,
            titleText: "Elige una fecha",
            okText: "Aceptar",
            cancelText: "Cancelar"
            (date: Date) => {
            ).catch((e) => alert(e);

@dredondo Thank you I’ll try that