Ion-datetime default


I have a datetime object and I’d like to setup a default value when the user chooses the date.
But I don’t want this value to get displayed.
Let me explain why :

I have a max value defined to prevent under 18 people to subscribe.
Which means if I subscribe today the max value is 27/03/2002.
So when I try to setup my date of birth it’s set by default on 27/03/2002.

Now Im’ trying to setup my date which is let’s say 30/10/1974 : I’m not able to choose 30 as the day (because the year being set on 2002 I can’t choose 30/03/2002).

Same thing for the month, I won’t be able to choose october.

That’s why I decided to setup the default value of “today - 20 years” so when you arrive today, the default value is 27/03/2000.

It’s ok because when the user clicks to setup his date of birth, he can choose whatever he wants.

However, I think it’s strange because when you open the subscriuption form, you don’t really undertstand why the date of birth is defined on 27/03/2000…

Do you understand my issue ?

Actually I’d like to keep this default date that I setup but I’d like to know if it’s possible not to display this value when the form first opens ?

Thanks for your help.

Hello, any help ?
I’m really stick with this thing…