Ion-content's start-y property is ignored

ion-content will not scroll to start-y position unless content exceeds the full height of ion-content.

In the interface I am creating I have a search bar on top of the search results that initially I want to have hidden unless user scrolls up. This works fine in pages where there are lots of results to fill the whole height of the ion-content, but in pages with just a few the start-y position is ignored leaving the search bar visible.

Thanks, this is a known issue and has been reported to github.

@mhartington thank you for this, I’ll watch that thread then. I have also discovered there is another issue related to start-y.
Content is loaded in 0,0 position regardless of the start-y value, then if there is enough content it moves to the 0,y position so a very noticeable jump occurs every time the user enters that page.

Please add it to the github issue