Ion Content scrollToBottom


The method this.content.scrollToBottom(duration); will scroll the content to the bottom automatically.

If I pass a large value as the “duration” , the scrolling will happen slowly. (Which is what I expect)
Is it possible to stop / pause the scrolling halfway through (with a button action) whilst its scrolling?

So basically I’d like to control the scrollToBottom method grammatically.


I see nothing in the source indicating support for this.

Thanks for the quick response. Would this be something you can consider on a future release?

I don’t work for or speak for Ionic. I’m an ordinary user, just like you. You can try making a PR yourself, or just create a feature request issue.

Okay thanks. will submit a feature request .

Just for information, to achieve this, you can write your own function using scrollByPoint method available in IonContent.