Invalid parameters to 'update_project_codesigning'


I’ve just created a new application based on Ionic 4. Setting up automation (or even manual build), I’ve uploaded my certs and profile (iOS), but when I try and build I get an error : You passed invalid parameters to ‘update_project_codesigning’

04:42:59: — Step: update_project_codesigning —
04:42:59: ----------------------------------------
04:42:59: Error setting value ‘/Users/ionic/builds/fivejstudios/tna/platforms/ios/.xcodeproj’ for option ‘path’ 04:42:59: You passed invalid parameters to ‘update_project_codesigning’. 04:42:59: Check out the error below and available options by running fastlane action update_project_codesigning

Since I’m not doing ‘anything’ other than launching build (which I do on other projects no problem), where can I start looking?



Hi there,
I’m experiencing same here! Have any luck solving this.

Thanks in advance!


Any update here? Kinda stuck-