Intro tutorial fails to animate when

In the app intro sample, when you go from the intro to the main state, you get a nice transition. But what I’ve noticed is that if your go to a nested state, it breaks the navigation history. Then when you try to navigate back to the tutorial, the whole app get “confused” and doesn’t know which transitions to apply.

Anyone else have this issue before?

Just an update, I’ve switch to the nightly build to see if anything has been done and the animation issue still persists. I’ve tested it by going to a new state once done with the intro and everything work as far as the animation goes, but once I try to go to a nested state, it fails.

I have even gone as far as swapping out the controller code for the intro with the one from the demo. Is this only me or has anyone else had this happen before?

Hey would you mind posting your fork of the Codepen that isn’t working?

I tried adding a couple nested states to the demo, but am not seeing the issue you’re referring to:

@tim Heres a codepen that has this issue. I’m using the nightly builds and the starter template.

Hey @mhartington did you possibly forget the link? Not seeing a codepen :smiley:

You know, I guess this is why they say don’t do work late at night, ha. My mistake