Intranet access after converting to apk

Hello guys please help I have a work experience in creating ionic apps using remote API(database and API hosted On internet ) and firebase.but I join a new company few days back they provide an API it is presented in server system the database was Microsoft related and Rest is also made .net platform they provide URL for accessing the data I mentioned the URL below.then they assign a simple task to read that data from that URL and bind it In a list view.i made an application which can run perfectly on my browser after that they told me to build an APk for that project.i done that also then they installed that APk In a real physical device but this time the datas are not shown . I am little confused about this does intranet API access via angular http is possible after the realese APk conversion if it possible then why I can’t able to get the data because it work well in browser please help me guys I need information it is possible to call local host datas after converting to release apk
API (this works well in office)

Could you please add some paragraphs and new lines to make your text more readable?

Is the API endpoint accessible in a browser of the device?

Yes that accessible via browser but inside office only possible.

Then the next step is do remote debug the app:

Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Chrome dev tools: Look at the console and network tabs for errors.

after convertion of relese build there is know possibility for debug the entire debug option will removed from the file

Yes, but why do you already have a release build? When there are basic problems, don’t build with --release yet but fix the problem. Or doesn’t the problem appear in a normal build?

tnx for the responce dude i droped that