$interval called twice on abstract state


I’ve searched this for awhile with no clear explanation why this occurs.

Using the standard ionic tabs project, on ‘AppCtrl’ which is attached to the ‘tabs.html’, when I establish an $interval function it’s triggered twice. I know some will say I’m not cancelling it, but I’m just starting the app up, this occurs when running ionic-serve also. Is there something about abstract states that triggers the $scope to trigger twice?

I’ve moved the same code out into a controller on a specific state, ‘tabs.chat’ and it works as expected.


maybe you are starting your interval on some state/view events?

if you listen to $ionic.viewEntered or $stateChangeSuccess --> those functions get called twice:

  1. for the abstract state itself
  2. for the visible child state


Yes it was on the .beforeEnter event of the controller. I’ve just moved it outside to a specific view’s controller using:

  if (!angular.isDefined(intervalVariable) { //DEFINE HERE };

and that works well, now the $http requests I want are just sending once, thanks for clarifying that about it being called twice.

So @bengtler are all functions/definitions called twice for the ionic.viewEvents() ? I am running several things at this point but that seems inefficient if it’s called twice. I guess I can check if it’s defined and skip it subsequently like I do for the $interval function. What are your thoughts?


they are triggered twice because of the abstract/parent state!


  • your abstract state --> Listens to the ionicView events
    • child state 1 --> gets opened
    • child state 2

If you open a child state the parent states are loaded before so you get the event for the abstract state and then because of the child state.


Gotcha. Thanks @bengtler