Integrating SideMenu and Principal Screen

Hey guys!
I’m quite new to these whole frameworks, but I’ve been able to do some really awesome stuff with them!
Anyway, I’m having some problems trying to integrate the principal screen of the program with the sidemenu. Both of them were put under a controller, and a $ is used to regulate and map the screen, according to its value. The problem is that this $ is regulated and changed in the principal Screen, but the sidemenu’s $ doesn’t seem to change at all. What’s happening? How can I solve this?

Hello, Costa.

The side-menu is managed by “AppCtrl”, and your main screen by another controller (right?).
Each controller have your own $scope. This way, if you assign it in your main screen controller, you won’t be able to access this on your AppCtrl (side-menu).

A way to solved this issue is to use $rootScope, which is shared by all controllers.