Integrate SnapScan into Ionic


I am new to Ionic, I am trying to build a ordering app using Ionic and SnapScan.

The SnapScan API =

Please can someone direct me on how to use the API.

I would like the person to order a product then at checkout open he SnapScan app to make the payment.

Help please.

You should learn how to use Angular first before you try to use Ionic:


That link guide is a bit confusing in how they present Angular learning.

I am currently going through to get a better understanding of it.

Thank you for replying.

You liked to an AngulrJS tutorial. Do you use Ionic V1 or newer? Because the latest Ionic releases use Angular and not AngularJS

I’m not sure what Angular to use with Ionic2.

Would it matter that I have Ionic 3 installed?

I’m learning from the ground up, the language,layouts,folder structures.

I have built apps in Java using Android Studio, but I want to create hybrid apps.

I managed to get assistance from the guys of SnapScan.

Looking forward to completing my app and sharing my success.