Integrate multiples projects in one big project

Ok, so the best way to communicate this is an example:

In our company, we are 9 developers, 3 devs in each team. We are developing an Ionic 3 project that consists of 3 pages or components:

  1. The Dashboard page (Team A)
  2. The Contact page (Team B)
  3. The Login and Register page (Team C)

Each team creates a repository (git) with his project (ionic start myPage) and now we want to integrate automatically the project of each team in one Ionic 3 Project.


So, the question now is:

What is the best way of integrating each project automatically?
Maybe using an NPM or Bower?

If anyone had an example I really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

First, I would build a time machine and go back and only have one project from the start, with the subprojects just being subdirectories managed by git-subrepo.

If you don’t get any better answers, maybe you might want to consider reorganizing that way and just copying the relevant source directories into the uber-project.

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Thanks, I will take a look to git-subrepo and see what we can do.