Integrate ionic web components into an ionic angular app

I have a repository of web components that i developed using stencil and Ionic 5.9.x and I create a package that I can reuse in multiple locations.
When I integrate the web component package into a mobile app (Angular 13 + Ionic 5.9.x) I noticed that some of the ionic modules are included duplicate, example the swiper module appears to be included twice in the build, when i do a debug build on the mobile app I get the following two lines, one from my own component and the second from the mobile app included ionic module:

node_modules_russmedia-digital_rmd-web-components_dist_esm_swiper_bundle-b6a959de_js.js                 | swiper-bundle-b6a959de-js                                                    | 200.36 kB |
node_modules_ionic_core_dist_esm_swiper_bundle-6c5e7804_js.js                                           | swiper-bundle-6c5e7804-js                                                    | 200.23 kB |

Is there a way to avoid this double inclusion, dedupe the JS code …?