Integrate ionic 4 in native iOS Application

Hi, I am trying to create ionic 4 application on react.
I have an existing iOS application, where I use UIWebView/WkWebView.
Now I want to use ionic-react with Cordova in the application.

Please suggest the steps that need to be done to integrate the same in Xcode workspace/project
I am unable to find any steps on the ionic Framework site.

PS: Later, we need to integrate the same in Android also.

Hi there,
You could read this message.


Thanks @phivo, however, I still don’t get the steps. Let me try to explain, what I am trying to achieve

  1. Create Native Application-iOS, which has 1 UIView with 2 buttons
    Button1–> Opens UIView (another page with different controls)
    Button2 --> Opens ionic4 with Cordova

At the link shared, I am not clear. This page only informs of capacitor introduced in Ionic 4. But how should we integrate the existing native iOS application with ionic-Cordova.