Installation problem of cordova-res on ionic CLI 5.2.3

I would like to know how to install cordova-res on ionic CLI 5.2.3. thank you for helping me

npm install -g cordova-res

If you use macOS then you will most likely encounter a bunch of permissions error even when using sudo
Use this command to get through it:
sudo npm i -g cordova-res --unsafe-perm=true --allow=root

source: Found in an issue thread in GitHub


hello friends. i have a problem with the latest version of ionic. I can not use the PUSH () property with NavCtronller on Ionic 5.2.4. Each time I use it we say that Property ‘push’ does not exist on type ‘NavController’. Please help me. Thank you
I use Windows

Le mer. 7 août 2019 à 03:50, Chariteas via Ionic Forum a écrit :

@bayes Sorry but I think you’re better off making a new thread for this problem or refer to the docs to see and find if NavController has a method named “push”. It’s possible that updates caused this method to be renamed to something else.

it’s works for me!!! thank u!!!