Installation of ionic app

Can we install multiple app using one app???
If user install one it should install another app(what ever i want).

Does any one have idea to achieve this ?

if you want to download your app, install it (via appstore) and then you want to install a 2nd app?
then the answer is NO! except iOS is Jailbreaked and if so i don’t think you can archive this with phonegap maybe with plugin.

If you want to create a app and want it multiple times in app store than you may do that, just need to change Id’s etc.

What you could do is create a app with a select screen and choose which “app” to use (will be one app only)

i hope this helps

Hi @Auro

Is it possible this scenario??
If i created two app(A.apk and B.apk) and both are uploaded on play store. if i install A.apk after installation that B.apk should install.
Is it possible??

nope that is not possible.

Using plugin is it possible??

what you are trying to achieve?

why not just install them separately?