Instability in many of the most recent builds

In our last couple of major deployments, we seem to have been having a rash of “little issues” that have impacted a number of our users. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • CSS styles not applying to screens (“cured” by closing and reloading the app).
  • White screens where the app does nothing upon loading.
  • Loading chunk # failed (reported via Rollbar).
  • plugin_not_installed (also reported via Rollbar).
  • Tons of HTTP Unknown 0 errors which, as far as I can tell, aren’t making it out of the app at all as I cannot see them or instrument them on our API servers.
  • Lots of weird 1-off issues usually having to deal with Cordova plugins.
  • Android builds seem to crash a lot. Usually on first start.

We are using the latest version of Cordova (9.x) and latest major releases of the related ios/android projects. We are using Ionic AppFlow to build the apps.

I things get more complicated as time goes on, but overall the “feel” is that quality has decreased somewhat. It seems like we end up having to tell users to delete/reinstall the application a lot more frequently than in the past. The number of “weird issues” which go unresolved slowly creeps ever higher.

Is anyone else seeing this? Is anyone else deploying these apps day-after-day without seeing these issues? In other words, is there something on our end that we should be doing differently? Or is this more common but people just don’t really talk about it?

Anyway, those are my questions.