Input/help for buildmadison hackathon/maker fair

I’m tossing around a few ideas for a hackathon here in Madison WI, a couple of which are based around building an ionic app. I’m looking for any input, suggestions, and of course help with a few ideas to hit the ground running come Saturday. My ideas so far, are:

  • An apples to apples/cards against humanity game based solely on user submitted content (cards)
  • An app for aggregating data from wikis, and other sites to catch up on tv shows/sports (example use case would be watching Game of Thrones S2:E1 without seeing any prior episodes. The app’s goal is to provide background information to help you understand what’s happening in the episode)
  • Not an Ionic App, and may not be as friendly for online collaboration, but I’ll throw it out there anyway: the host of the event has build a system using Raspberry Pis, and arduinos for managing user access rights to their facitilities through a wordpress plugin. An electrical engineer who works there has suggested streamlining the install process (plugin dependencies, repos, instructions) and creating an example deployment.

I’ve built a couple ionic apps (not yet in iTunes/Google Play store, though) and consider myself competent with angular development. The help of a seasoned pro would definitely accelerate development but I’m primarily looking for somebody who’s excited to act like a freshman and burn the candle at both ends while eating pizza and coding all night–have some good clean family fun. Additionally, experience/pro skills with firebase, git, and workflow tools (gulp, devops, deployment, pivotal, etc) would be swell, as it would REALLY help speed up development with multiple, potentially distributed devs.

I’ve got some wireframes drawn on notepaper, and I’m working on refining MVP/base goals for this weekend, but shoot me a message and I’ll send you more details!

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Sounds fun. Wish I could help. Good luck finding someone in the area.