Input gets focus when it's in the same position of a side menu link

I’m using the ion-side-menus and encountered a strange behavior when I have a input field inside the sub header of the ion-side-menu-content (imagine a search field inside the sub header). when I click on the side menu link the menu closes as expected and the content is shown, but because the input field in generally in the same position of the side menu link (I mean it’s in the same position after the menu closed and the input is shown) it for some reason also receives the click event (that was actually done on the side menu) and because of that it gets the focus and the keyboard is shown.

this is the flow:
I click on the side menu link, the menu closes, the menu content is shown and the input field gets the focus (although I didn’t click on it, I clicked the menu link).

I’m using the beta-1 version and running on iOS 7 (device and simulator).

in general it happens with any input field that is going to be on the same position as the side menu link (after the menu closes), it doesn’t have to be in the sub header of the menu content.

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it seems to be connected to the preventGhostClick function.
this is detected as a recent tap and stopEvent is being called but the input field already gets the focus by then and the keyboard is shown because of that.

Can you make a CodePen sample of that? Kinds of interesting. If you make a sample, we can open a ticket on it.

Has anyone found a solution to this. I have the same issue with as described above. This also happens to me when launching a modal, when the button to launch the modal lines up with a control within the modal.

Any help would be appreciated.

I made a CodePen with the same issue but doesn’t make the device issue

@Calendee here goes my video example. Keyboard opens but input isn’t focus. I made a new topic here.