Input from previous page pass to next page

I want to build a two html page with a routing, so after the user enter his/her name on the first html page, it will route to the second page, and the second page will display the name the user enter, how to do this?

angular factories are singletons, so you could dump the value in a factory. or use localstorage

or I often use this pattern to make multi-part forms:

<div class='container'>
  <div ng-init='form1 = false'>
    <div ng-show='!form1'>
      <form name='part1'>
            <input type="text" ng-model="" class="form-control">
        <input type="submit" value='Next' ng-click='form1 = !form1'>

    <div ng-show='form1' class='inline'>
      // rest of your form here

ng-init sets some boolean which is used to hide the 2nd half of the page, after submitting the form, it sets the boolean to true, which hides the first part and shows the second part. I do this when it doesn’t seem worth the work to build an extra view/factory/persist the data from the first part.