Input field for nested pages is not working on BB10

Hi all , first and foremost Kudos to Ionic Team, you guys are surprising with designs and concepts, nice work!
I’ve been working on an app and…I made a deployment for Android , iPad (iPad Air) and BB10 (Blackberry Q5 Device), it works perfectly, rendered as expected, but one thing i took note later on BB10 Device. Inside some nested Pages, the Input field is seizing, if I try typing some texts it would not appear, untill I click on another object on the screen and drag the page, then it would start typing. I’ve try all my best to fix this out…I need HELP, ANY SOLUTION. Kudos Once again to Ionic Team and the forks at large, looking forward to hearing from you guys.

One thing to note is that we don’t really support Blackberry. BB10 does use webkit so it will inherit some functionality, but we’re not looking to support blackberry.

Oooops thanks mhartington.

I got it working anyhow. Anyway, I do not have much understanding of what is happening behind the scenes, the solution I eventually came up with was that…
i. Firstly, I removed the where my input fields lies, compiled my codes, run it, and it worked perfectly well, input fields wasn’t seizing anymore.
ii. Secondly, because I love Ionic Scrolling, that made me to further my inquisitives, I read more about the directive and $ionicDelegate, so i set the which disable the defaults ionic scrolling stuffs.

Posting these for anybody that might face this same issue later on in the future. Ionic is great, all other things in BB10 is working perfectly okay including the transitions. Thanks to you all.