Infinite scroll doesn't work when the content is little

Hi guys I don’t know how to exaplain exactly…

I have a page on my app that shows a gallery of photos.
The photos are paginated, so the first time I go on the page, I call the rest api which returns 3 images, leaving more space on the page. Then I have to do an other call, using the infinite scroll but I have no possibility to scroll…


    <div class="image__grid" *ngIf="!isListView()">		
      <div class="image__square" *ngFor="let photo of photos">  			
        <img [src]= "{{ photo.thumbPath }}"  />
      <ion-infinite-scroll (ionInfinite)="doInfinite($event)">


I can understand that the infinite scroll doesn’t work because the content doesn’t scroll when I have only 3 images.
But, have you a workaround, a suggestion… ?

I can increase the number of images that the server returns, but I want understand if it’s possible to do some workaround, keeping a low number of items returned.

Hope I was clear