Increasing memory with crosswalk (and tinder cards)


I have experienced crashes on android with crosswalk and custom fork of tinder cards (from ionic). My app loads 10 cards with images in batch from a server and when I swipe, the memory heap allocation increases over time and the images are not GC. Therefore the used memory rises to additional 30mb (100mb of total application size in memory) of data and then the app crashes. I already tried to remove all event listeners inside tinder cards to make sure that the objects are able to removed by GC.

Without crosswalk I do not experience any of these issues. The used memory is always reasonable low.

Do you also experienced this strange issue?


EDIT: How do I safely remove an image from html with javascript? I have a custom image directive which listens on src change and then it swaps images.

EDIT2: I made a codepen (Codepen demo) to illustrate the issue. Just try this demo with crosswalk on your android device (I tried on 4.3) and you will see that the memory is not freed after the images are completely removed.