Inconsistent grid/column behavior, only certain values of col-offset-x work

This may be because of my general CSS ignorance, but I’m getting inconsistent behavior w/ the ionic grid. basically only certain values of col-offset-x work.

For example: this code will leave h2 hugging the left side of the card, but if I change it to col-offset-50, it seems to work.
<div class ="row"> <div class="col-30 col-offset-45"> <h2 >Min: {{rangeMin}}</h2> </div> </div>
this code is the top line in a regular card div. Thanks in advance.

The columns and offsets are very specific in this grid css set up. The docs give you the exact information on what you can use and combine. Check those out and see if you can solve it.

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Ah I see, so they only allow certain numbers. Got it.