InAppBrowser & redirect


I’m currently having a hard time with InAppBrowser plugin.
The loadstop event is never fired and because of that in iOS the spinner is always shown.

I open an inside app browser and attach the events handlers using those lines :
var ref =, '_blank', 'toolbar=no,location=no,hardwareback=no'); ref.addEventListener('loadstart', loadstart); ref.addEventListener('loadstop', loadstart); ref.addEventListener('loaderror', loadstart); ref.addEventListener('exit', browserExit);

The URL I call gives me a page in which the body tag has an onload function. This function redirects me to another page by setting the top.location.href property.

I think the redirection is mishandled in the plugin. I already made a workaround in order to work with the loadstart and not the loadstop.
How can I make a workaround to hide the spinner ?
Does anyone have a solution ?


Does anyone, have a solution about this ?

No solution really for this.
I Just comment the line where the spinner is started in the plugin file for iOS.