inAppBrowser: navigation stack lost


I have an an ionic tabs app, with inAppBrowser to open an external url in a navigator.

It works well, except that when I come back to the ionic app, I lose my navigation stack.

For instance, I’m in a tab, I navigate to a page, so the page is added to the navigation stack, in this page I click in an external url, the browser is opened (works well with both ‘_blank’, and ‘_system’), but when I go back to the app, I’m no more in the page where the external link appeared, but back at the root of the navigation stack, on the initial tab, with all the context lost, as if the state of the tab has been reset.

It’s not critical but a little bit annoying for the end user.

The same problem occurs both in iOS, Android and Browser.

If I don’t use the inAppBrowser and call, it’s the exact same behavior.

Do you have any ideas what I should do?