InAppBrowser multiple pages

Hi everyone, im facing some troubles with my app, so im gonna expose the facts to you , let’s se if we can find a solution.
My app it’s like a library of webs, so with the inappbrowser, i can open a url inside the app without any problem, but i want to store the different tabs like the navegator history, in the way that if i click a web’s icon , a view jump to screen to show me the tabs that i’d opened fot that url. The problem is that im saving the InAppBrowser objects in a dictionary for the after acces to them, and when i tried to acces, i just get the last view that i opened in the inappbrowser webview.

let browser = this.inAppBrowser.create(urlGo,’_blank’,options);
browserTabs[url] = browser;

and then in the view:

let val= browserTabs.
let b = val['key];

And even if i write an expecific key , the webview always open the last inapp view.

How is this app any different from an ordinary web browser?

Is not just a library , is about security login .But i don’t find anything like this , i mean someoane who want to open the same URL(diferentes inner section) twice hiding it to use It later , with the possibility of choose which one you want to open.

Something like this but on ionic.

this allows you to save the webview and make a session restore.