Inappbrowser ionic 5 - how to remove url

I have installed In app browser native in ionic 5, I have the following situation

so I get http://localhost/ ,I would like to remove “localhost” and set only I have ts method

  connect() {
    let ip = this.controleDevice['IPAddress'];
    this.iab.create(` ${ip}`, `_blank`, `location=no`);

I guess let ip = this.controleDevice['IPAddress']; gives you a string? Why you don’t simply cut the ‘localhost/’ part out before using it in the In App Browser?

@NiklasSchwab So, I’ve already tried this, for example, I used replace:

 connect() {
    let ip = String(this.controleDevice['IPAddress']);
    this.iab.create(`${ip.replace('localhost/', '')}`, `_blank`, `location=no, hidden=no`);

but, before, I have a method that get info network

  getInfo() {
    this.hotspot.getConnectionInfo().then(info =>{
      this.controleDevice = info

but its continue show http:// localhost/