Inappbrowser get content stream from http response

I developed a web application with html / jQuery for the client side and everything works fine. Now I want to create a hybrid mobile application (for Android) that encapsulates the webapp using Cordova. In the server, there is a method that returns an id file in the url. The method does not write the file in the server, but sets content-stream in the http response. In the web application, I call this method from the url simply, example {server} / document / 34 and the file is displayed in the browser or the brower me Request to download it

I use inappbrowser and when I click on download and i inspect emulator with Chrome, in the console appears

Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/pdf: “”.

if i call them from the desktop browser or android default browser

Help me please! :slight_smile:

Hi, @FiReBlUe did you find a solution for this?