InAppBrowser field focus issue

Hello fellow Ionites

I have been using InAppBrowser to show a login form on our server.

But sometimes when the page opens, the fields can’t get focus, even if the user taps them multiple times.
The only way to workaround this, is to press back (close the inappbrowser) and then re-open it.

Has anyone exprienced this? Found solution to this?

I have found the following link:

Seems to be a Cordova bug. Resolved recently in 1.7.1-dev version.
The links has also the following workaround but I can’t understand if I can apply this with Ionic.

I was having a problem quite like the one described. The first time I opened an InAppBrowser, the text fields would always work. But if I closed and then reopened, eventually (1 to several times later) the text input fields would not show a caret and I could not type anything, even though the keyboard appeared, suggestions would work and I could copy and paste. It was driving my quite mad. I finally noticed that if I had the location bar enabled and touched it, then touched a text edit, I would get the caret. This led me to try many different things with changes in establishing focus. Right or wrong, the combination I found that finally gave me consistent behavior was to change onPageFinished to add calls to clear and request focus like this:

public void onPageFinished(WebView view, String url) {
super.onPageFinished(view, url);

Once I made this change, touching the text fields always produced a caret.

Thank you

I have same issue
is there any idea?