Inapp browser does not have emod property

I’ve written a simple ionic/cordova/angular app that use inapp browser to load a remote page, compile is ok, but I always got this error:

Uncaught Error: Type InAppBrowser does not have ‘ɵmod’ property.
at getNgModuleDef (vendor.js:54023)
at recurse (vendor.js:78050)
at recurse (vendor.js:78061)
at registerNgModuleType (vendor.js:78046)
at new NgModuleFactory$1 (vendor.js:78160)
at compileNgModuleFactory__POST_R3__ (vendor.js:81794)
at PlatformRef.bootstrapModule (vendor.js:82040)
at Module.zUnb (main.js:445)
at webpack_require (runtime.js:85)
at Object.0 (main.js:10)

I’ve tried on real android device, on browser and with ionic serve, same result. What’s wrong?

Second question: is possible to add a button over the inapp browser page and connect this button to an ionic function?