In-app-browser shows splash screen when using prod build?

Hello guys,

I’m using In-app-browser to open up some links on my app.

I found when I build an APK file using
ionic cordova build android --aot --minifyjs --minifycss --release

and then use jarsinger, zipalign, in-app-browser link will throw a splash screen for ten seconds before showing a page.

It works fine on --release build.
I’m unable to use --prod build due to errors so I’m using --aot --minifyjs --minifycss instead.

It looks like minimizing js is causing malfunctions on in-app-browser.

How can I fix this behavior? also I found in-app-browser no longer shows url bar on top when using --aot --minifyjs --minifycss …

isn’t --aot --minifyjs --minifycss the same as --prod?

I wonder why splash screen is even there to be honest. How can in app browser function trigger splash screen? I’m using this.splashScreen.hide() to hide splashscreen showing up but this isn’t a correct solution.

overall, in app browser became extremely slow after --minifyjs … need some help.