Importing Python-Shell to Ionic 2 project

Hey everyone,

I am having hard times importing the aforementioned .js package. I have already done npm-install python-shell, and I can confirm that the folder python-shell appears inside my node_modules folder. However, when I try to import it inside my Home.ts class, I am cannot actually do it.

I have also tried doing

import * as _ from ‘…/…/…/node_modules/python-shell/’;

and adding it later with “require(_);” but this throws a number of exceptions in my console and also this one in the browser:

Uncaught Error: Cannot find module "child_process"(…) 

I will be very grateful if you give me any tips as to how I could make use of this library

P.S. What I am trying to achieve with it is run my Python script, inside my Ionic 2 app.

Thank you, thank you!

Does no one know? :frowning:

You mean this python-shell project? That only runs on Node.js, not in the browser.

Oh right! I knew it ran on Node but had read somewhere that it could be run in the browser too! Do you know any alternative to this which I could possibly use?