Importing Ionic-4 with import keyword from node_modules


I installed @ionic/core@4.0.0-beta.16 through npm and wanted to do like this: “import ‘@ionic/core/dist/ionic’”
but then I get this error: GET http://localhost:8080/ionic/ionic.yyku6inj.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

Looks like it is something missing in ionic folder under the dist.
Yeah I could use ionic as shown in README like this: <script src=“”></script>

But then i get issue with concurrency when my app loads faster then the code and two-way data binding stops working with Aurelia, but when I tried to slow down netowk speed in chrome dev tools two-way data binding worked always.

I would like to solve this issue by using import mechanism, because also in README is said that I can use local files in my project:
“Additionally, within this package is a dist/ionic.js file and accompanying dist/ionic/ directory. These are the same files which are used by the CDN, and they’re available in this package so they can be apart of an app’s local development.”