Implementing Parental Gate for Apple

In general - kids apps require "parental gate"

How can I implement such solution within an Ionic app ?
I’m not sure which events of the webview / inappbrowser any other container I need to use ?

I didn’t find any solutions out there … but I found an Objective-C example, which maybe I can manually implement inside X-Code ?

Maybe someone knows how ?

What are you asking for? It’s a single screen with simple code. Do you need guards on other pages? Use ionViewCanEnter.

That didn’t work
Can you please see & fix my stackblitz example and figure out where the issue might be ?
Those events are not popping up … and I’ve tried all the ones I thought related …

See stackblitz above, there’s a YouTube Video and there’s a channel link
The link itself doesn’t really matter, the point is that when you click on <a> tag - the app is going away and I cannot stop it

How can I create a mid-page between the a click and the destination website of the link - in order to create a “do you want to conintue” kind of thing ?

Please help !!
Appstore are rejecting my app due do that

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