Implementation of Bluetooth Plugin for Cordova

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to build an app which will connect to a remote device to get (maybe send) data. The connection protocole will be Blutetooth.

I search for a plugin in order to implement the bluetooth, and i found the cordova-plugin-bluetooth-serial (v0.4.5). However, I’m not quite familiar with the BT.

  1. In how BT differ from Serial BT ?
  2. I’m having pairing issue, and cannot get to initialize a proper bluetooth establishment while using the examples given in the github : (I just tried to focus on the “SimpleSerial” example because well, it is supposed to be “simple” lol).

Can someone please help me for making the BT work ?

Furthermore, I found out that I cannot connect to a BT device as long as I didn’t pair with it once. But I’m sure I’ve been misdoing something. …

Anyway, I’m waiting for your help guys, it would be really really appreciated.

PS: I love ionic, it gaves me so much powwwweeeer haha !