Img not visible on iOS device or simulator



For the last 2 hours, I am struggling to show simple images on the iPhone and iPhone simulator. Safari and Chrome shows the images without problems but the images simply don’t show on the device and the simulator.

I found at least 10 other topics on the same issue but none of them solved my problem.

Below is the markup:

        <div class="col col-center">
            <img class="persona" ng-src="persona_01.png">
        <div class="col">
            <img class="persona" ng-src="/img/persona_02.png">
        <div class="col">
            <img class="persona" ng-src="../img/persona_03.png">

I also tried src attribute instead of ng-src to no avail. I tried putting the images in the same location with the index.html, it didn’t work. In short, I tried every combination I could think of but it didn’t work. I ran the project from XCode so I always cleaned the project before trying something new and always deleted the app from the device/simulator in case it wouldn’t refresh.

So, either I’m very stupid or it is really hard to show an image with ionic framework :smile:


The issue is the “/” and “…/” before the img directory. Just remove it and you’ll be fine! That should fix the problem with images not displaying on iOS. :smiley: