Images json request to Localhost[SOLVED]

lately i’ve been trying to display an image from a json file to an the network area of the devloppers tools i found a 404 not found.the request went to localhost and the images aren’t i am looking for a solution.either a way to display the image using the whole address to the file or how to import images from json to the img folder?(i asked here before but didn’t find any solution.almost 2 days of research to find a solution.i tried ng-src)
here s a pen i made to show a part of the code

See the Pen qrvBpL by mohamed reda (@redamed) on CodePen.

thank you for any help

How did you solve your problem?

i had this problem in my internship.the dude above me told me to try to use some path.after i lost time.he just told me how.{{article.Image[0].thumb_chaabi}}.all the images are in their server.i never knew that link.never used it.basically it was just there

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